I’m a real-life mom. Nice to meet you.

I’ve had the itch to blog for quite some time now. But, I’ve held off. Here’s why:

How in the world would I find time in my already hectic life for blogging? I am a full-time working mom of three young children. Like most other women my age with a brood of children, there is simply not enough time in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Why add  blogging to the mix? Shouldn’t I clean my house…or read Anna Karenina…or work on my six-pack abs (yeah, right)?

Is it smart to put myself and my family out there in the blogosphere? My children are young and can’t tell me if they are uncomfortable with me posting pictures and stories about them on a blog. Should I subject them to this? Is it fair to them? My husband won’t care…he’s Mr. Laid Back (most of the time), but what about my babies?

I can’t scratch the itch, so I’m taking the leap into blogging. Here’s why:

Fun: First and foremost, I think blogging will be fun. I have fun reading others’ blogs, and I think it will be fun to compile my own. I hope it turns into a great outlet to sharpen my writing and will help me tap into my creative self (which is hiding in me somewhere, I just know it).

Food: It’s important to me to feed my family home-cooked meals as often as possible. Don’t get me wrong, we love to eat out…but I think eating at home is an important part of family life (I know, very old school) and helps us eat healthier. I am going to share tips and recipes for getting food on the table. Now, I’m no chef…I wouldn’t even call myself a good cook. I’m just a cook, plain and simple. So all my recipes will be for dishes that I actually cook and, better yet, that my family actually eats.

Education: My son, Thomas (2yo) has Down syndrome. I consider myself an educated and open-minded person, but I knew nothing about Ds before his birth. Boy, oh boy, have my eyes been opened. I hope to use this blog to educate others on Down syndrome and to open others’ eyes to the fact that there are all kinds of people out there…and that’s a beautiful thing.

Inspiration: After Thomas was born, I poured over blogs written by mothers and fathers of children with Down syndrome or other special needs. I didn’t read the medical articles and textbooks the hospital gave me (at first, anyway). I read the blogs. Why? They inspired me. I loved seeing photos and reading stories about these families…just being families…and being happy. I loved seeing photos of the children…just being children…and being happy. I give these blogs partial credit for helping me see very early on in Thomas’ life that our family was going to be just fine. If there’s even the slightest chance that I could help someone else out in this way, then this blog is worth a shot.

Connection: I hope this blog connects me with others who will share their parenting stories, tips for achieving work-life balance, family-approved recipes and other interesting tidbits. It will take a long time to establish a community here, but I’m going to give it a go.



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